PAMIL events bring together educators, media practitioners, librarians, information science professionals and MIL advocates to learn from each other and explore how best to advance the study of media and information literacy.

A Heartfelt Appreciation from PAMIL

We would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to everyone who continuously believes in our Media and Information Literacy (MIL) advocacy. 

The projects, programs, and events that we have accomplished and been involved with are successful because of the unwavering support from people who believe in what we do. They are our institutional and individual members; resource speakers, judges, moderators, and volunteers; audiences and participants; and organizations who have invited us for partnerships and collaborations on MIL-related projects. 

We look forward to another successful year ahead, making Media and Information Literacy a literacy for all.

PAMIL Organized Projects and Activities

National Forum on Media and Information Literacy

PAMIL Co-organized Projects and Activities

PAMIL as a Partner Organization in an International Film Festival

PAMIL as a Partner Organization in an International Conference

PAMIL as a Partner Organization in Projects and Activities in the Philippines

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