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3rd National Forum on Media and Information Literacy

The media and information landscape is continuously evolving. As such, we need to continue learning to cope with these changes. This reality is the reason behind the National Forum on Media and Information Literacy (NFMIL). It is the flagship project of PAMIL which allows Media and Information Literacy professionals and advocates from different parts of the Philippines to gather, discuss, and learn topics and issues relevant to MIL. It is also the first time for the forum to be held virtually due to the pandemic.

The 3rd National Forum on Media and Information Literacy was held on January 23 and 30, 2021 via Zoom. The theme of the national forum is “MILes forward: Inclusive MIL for lifelong learning and practice for social change” and the plenary session topics are: The challenges and opportunities in teaching MIL in times of the pandemic; MIL in the New Now: Rewriting a new narrative of cyberwellness; MIL as a transversal and lifelong learning skill in a globalized world; and MIl as a channel for civic responsibility and social change.

The virtual national forum features the following distinguished speakers: Ms. Lory Rose B. Supsupin, Ms. Gemma P. Soneja, Dr. Michele Alignay, Atty. Joseph Noel M. Estrada, Ms. April Manabat, Dr. Maria Margarita Alvina-Acosta, Dr. Maria Margarita Alvina-Acosta, Mr. Jervis Manahan, and Mr. Dun Oliver Abiera.

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